Helpful Tips for Using Your CLEVERFITs

CLEVERFIT is uniquely designed with interlocking engagement to ensure reliable sizing and a sleek, smooth exterior to reduce friction when inserting and removing from garments.

  • For Best Grip: Make sure fingertips and CLEVERFIT surface are free from moisture, or oily residue.  An occasional wipe with a soft cotton or micro fiber cloth should do the trick.
  • For Best Operation: Hold your stay so that two fingers provide support from underneath and a third lightly touches the back end to provide solid resistance when retracting.  Position your thumb directly over the arrow pattern located before the letter “C” in CLEVERFIT. See Fig. 1.
  • Now gently press down on the arrow pattern with the tip of your thumb and begin sliding while maintaining pressure to extend out to desired length.  Reverse directional pressure to retract.  The sliding motion is similar to the movement used when snapping fingers, but more slowly.

Note: Trying to extend and retract CLEVERFIT without pressing directly onto the arrow pattern with thumb makes it more difficult to operate.   Don’t press too hard.

Optional Method (for smaller hands): Using a second hand to assist in holding CLEVERFIT (while operating as described above) can also be helpful (Fig. 2). This method provides added leverage and keeps the orientation ideal for easy extension and retraction. In addition, lightly squeezing the tip and end of your CLEVERFIT with the second hand can also assist in the retracting direction (Fig. 3).