Black Suits: 5 Ideas for When To Wear Them


In years past, the black suit was a standard choice for men when trying to figure out what to wear for the day. Today that is no longer the case. Modern men tend to avoid black suits, believing that they are too formal to wear for most occasions. Most men also want to be “comfortable,” which means they want clothes that are easy to wear. However, what’s easier to wear than a matching pair of pants and jacket that look exactly alike? The answer is nothing. A black suit is the easiest thing for men to wear on the job or for play. 

And unlike the belief that men’s black suits are too restrictive, suits are actually quite versatile. Men are generally free to choose the type of suit jacket they prefer whether it be single or double breasted. They same goes with the pants, men can choose to wear pants with cuffs or no cuffs as long as they are well-tailored. Not to mention the shirt color, type of tie (patterns or no patterns), pocket squares, and cuff links.

A black suit also works for a man of any age and men shouldn’t need a special occasion to “clean up” well. Here are a few suggestions on where to wear a black suit when you normally may have worn casual clothing.

1. On a Plane – This is a big one; many men wear casual clothing on planes. However, my parents have told me stories of the days when flying on a plane meant dressing up in your finest clothes. Airline travel used to be an event because it was considered an adventure to a new destination. Now-a-days you’ll be lucky if you see a man dressed in something other than shorts and a t-shirt. If you’re looking for a good place to wear a suit, flying is the perfect occasion! Flight attendants tend to treat men in black suits better, as do people sitting near them. They assume you’re someone prominent going to an important destination. Even if that isn’t the case, isn’t it nice to feel like you are?

2. To the Hotel – Once you’re off that plane, wearing a suit could also give you an advantage at the hotel as opposed to wearing your casual clothing. Men wearing baggy cargo pants and t-shirts rarely get upgraded. However, a man in a suit commands respect. It’s more likely to that you will be offered a room upgrade while wearing a suit than when you’re in cargo pants.

3. Bar Hopping – If you’re out in the dating scene, wearing a suit can actually improve your prospects. The next time you decided to go to that trendy new bar, take a minute to dress up for the occasion. Consider wearing one of your black suits and check to see if women become a bit more interested. In most cases, women think a man in a black suit is much more attractive than a man in casual clothing.

4. To Work – If you have an important business presentation to give, rather than showing up in casual clothing, consider wearing a black suit; it could be your key to success. Showing up formally dressed conveys the message that you care about making a good impression.

5. Professional Networking Events – Another great place to trade out your casual clothing and wear a black suit is at a trade show or professional networking event. When a man dresses in a suit, it communicates that he is serious about his profession and is open to building connections with other professionals.

So in the words of Barney Stinson from How I Meet Your Mother, “It’s time to suit up,” and be awesome!

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Photo Credit: cookipediachef