The Perfect Manly Gift He Will Love


Last week, we discussed the types of holiday gifts men don’t want. So, what do men what as holiday gifts? That can be a difficult question to answer since all men are different and finding that perfect manly gift can be difficult. However, this week we take a look at gifts that could be in great demand this holiday season.

1. The Techie – Most men love playing with new technology and new gadgets. If you have the budget to spend, consider giving an iPad Air or the new Lenovo Yoga 2. Both tablets/computers are in great demand this holiday season. The iPad Air is easily the best full-size iPad yet and it now matches the design of the iPad Mini. This year’s version has a snappy A7 processor and M7 coprocessor, while keeping the same multi-day battery life. If your man is anti-Apple, try the Lenovo Yoga 2 for the person who can’t decide between a laptop and a tablet. It has multiple usage positions and this Ultrabook can go from perched on your lap to touch screen in an instant! It’s definitely a holiday gift worth giving.

2. The Sports Fanatic – Do you have a sports fanatic in your family? Consider giving him an individually handcrafted leather baseball, football or basketball from craftsman Paul Cunningham. In case you haven’t heard of Paul Cunningham, he was a photo editor for Major League Baseball who eventually left photography to be the senior baseball glove craftsman at a small baseball glove importer. From there he started his own business, Leather Head Sports, designing and individually crafting leather balls.

Cunningham’s balls are in great demand because they aren’t just the regular run of the mill sports equipment. He personally chooses the leather hides for the balls from a boot leather tannery in Maine. The balls can also be personalized by choosing your favorite team colors for the balls seaming and leather. This is the perfect manly gift that is also one of a kind this holiday season.

3. The Caffeine Addict – If the man in your life loves coffee, consider gifting him the ROK Espresso Maker that looks like an oversized wine opener. This is considered the Rolls Royce of coffee makers and can be in great demand this holiday season. It gives you full control over how your espresso is made by making you an active participant not just a button pusher. The ROK is easy to use and comes with a 10-year guarantee, a reusable storage tin and accessories.

4. The Adrenaline Junkie – If you really want to give the perfect manly gift that’s fun, adventurous and out of the box, consider giving your special man an introductory flight lesson or a race driving session. Either of these gifts will get you put on their “favorite person” list. They both give that special man in your life the chance to live out a fantasy and Cloud9 Living is the place to turn. This company offers unique, memorable experiences that are in great demand as gifts. The best part?  They have locations all over the country.

And don’t forget, if you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer this holiday season, CLEVERFIT Collar Stays are the perfect manly gift. Our quick-sizing capability eliminates the need for keeping up with multiple sets of fixed length stays, giving men the confident, crisp appearance that they are looking for. And right now CLEVERFIT is on holiday special at 20% off the regular price of $49.95, making them just $39.95 with free shipping too!  Click here to contact us and check out our video to more about CLEVERFIT.

Do you have an idea for a perfect manly gift? If so, we want to hear it!

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Gift Ideas – Seven Things Men Won’t Want


The holidays are here and many of you are scrambling to get your holiday gift ideas set in stone. Shopping for men can be challenging even though many men insist that they aren’t picky about their holiday gifts. But before you go out and buy Dad that new tie, take some time to think about the gift you are giving. No one wants to see that special man in their life open up a present, smile and nod their head as they put the gift aside. So here is a list of seven holiday gift ideas to stay away from.

1. Cologne – Unless you know exactly what brand and scent your man likes, stay away from this holiday gift idea. Scent is a very personal thing. You won’t wear just any kind of perfume and your man will not wear random cologne. It’s also been scientifically proven that when you smell a scent it can bring up memories of a time and place. The last thing you want is to remind them of an ex or a bad experience. So stay away from cologne because it will likely end up unused on their dresser.

2. Ties – Yes, this is a big one. I hate to tell you, but men don’t want ties for Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza. File this under, “boring,” and, “one of the most forgettable holiday gift ideas.” No man is going to get excited about something they have to wear for work. Yes, it’s useful but it’s not the type of gift they are looking forward too.

3. Clothes – Along with ties comes the next holiday gift idea to stay away from: clothes. Unlike most women who love being given clothes and get excited about receiving that new sweater, men usually don’t. It’s also likely you’ll pick something out they won’t wear or that doesn’t fit with their current wardrobe. Plus most men don’t get excited about clothes. If you want a, “WOW!” reaction, stay away from that cute V-neck sweater.

4. Tools – Have you been shopping at Home Depot and thought, “This is a great place for holiday gift ideas for Dad?” Think again! Though many men enjoy their power tools, giving them as a holiday gift is like saying, “Hey, I have a ton of home projects for you to complete and here’s a tool to get started.” Don’t give a gift that really has you in mind and not the person you’re giving it to.

5. Bath/Skin Care Products – Have you ever seen bath products or skin care products on a man’s holiday wish list? No, I haven’t either. So don’t spend any time thinking about giving him the gift of a stress relieving lavender bubble bath because let’s face it, men don’t go crazy for bubbles or facial lotions.

6. Mug – Another holiday gift idea to pass up on is the go-to coffee mug. It’s like saying, “Hey special man in my life, I couldn’t think of anything good to give you so I went with a classic mug to put your coffee in. Aren’t I thoughtful?” The truth is, no you are not. Don’t buy him a mug; instead think about buying him what goes in the mug, like maybe a supply of his favorite drink.

7. Gift Cards/Certificates – Last, but definitely not least on the holiday gift ideas to stay away from for men, is the holiday gift card or gift certificate. Though it is easy, simple and less of a hassle than buying a gift, it gives the impression that you didn’t care enough to buy something he might like.

So listen up this season, step up your holiday gift ideas game and really think about what he might like. Here’s a hint: the more fun it is, the better.

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Wardrobe 6 “Must-Have” Items Every Man Should Own

November 28, 2013 Uncategorized
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You don’t always have to follow fashion trends to look stylish and put together. The reality is that fashion varies according to individual style, profession and even income level. However, no matter what your age, personal style or profession there are 6 key fashion pieces every man must have in their wardrobe.

1. Classic Formal or Business Suit – Every man should own a well-fitting and sharply tailored suit, whether they work in a business environment or not. It is the number one must-have item in a man’s wardrobe. A formal suit makes a man look like he can take on the world. It conveys self-assurance and ensures that you never appear underdressed for an occasion. If you don’t own one and you’re not sure what to go with, the best and safest buy is the classic black or grey suit. Avoid double-breasted suit, as they can appear stodgy and old fashioned. Stick with a single-breasted suit in a classic style that won’t go out of fashion.

2. Dress Pants & A Classic White Shirt – If you have a semi-formal event to attend you can never go wrong with a classic white shirt paired with dress pants. The average man in this combo can look exquisitely handsome. It’s an outfit that never goes out of style and should be in your wardrobe.

3. Timeless Sunglasses – Just like with a suit, a man should own a pair of sunglasses that have classic style. A pair of wraparound sport sunglasses or a pair of colored frames can be a lot of fun, but a pair of classic metal aviator sunglasses will make you look good through the years.

4. Leather Belt – Sagging pants are so 1990 and they make you look immature. Make sure you to keep your pants up and looking smart by wearing a belt. Every man should own a set of leather belts, one black and one brown, so that they can coordinate them with any outfit.

5. Classic Black Shoes – Classic black shoes are an investment that you will never regret. Black shoes can be paired with almost every outfit, easily making them the most wearable shoes in your wardrobe.

Tip: The basic fashion rule is to match the color of your shoes with the color of your belt. So if you decide to go with a brown belt make sure you also have a pair of brown shoes to complete this classic style.

6. Jeans – Blue jeans are the easiest, simplest and most wearable item a man can own. They are an absolute must-have in any self-respecting man’s wardrobe. They are adaptable to different looks and can be combined with dressier shoes, sneakers or even loafers to alter a look from casual to formal. However, it’s best to buy a pair in the darkest shade of blue so they don’t fade too quickly.

Styling yourself shouldn’t be a chore; men’s fashion should be fun. If you follow this basic list of must-have items you will be well on your way to having classic style and a fashionable wardrobe.

What’s your must-have fashion piece in your wardrobe? We want to hear from you!

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Pocket Squares: How to Wear Them


You want your pocket square to complement whatever you’re wearing.

If you’re a man who wears a suit on a daily basis, you know that after the tie, the pocket square is the single most indispensable tool for defining a man’s style; it provides that extra punch an outfit needs. It is also useful if you spill something and need to clean it up, not to mention it’s also a great way to flirt with a lady if she needs a handkerchief!

The guide to wearing pocket squares isn’t too different from the guiding principle on how to dress well: you don’t want to look like you didn’t put any effort into it, but you also don’t want to overthink it. This means not picking a random, or even matching pocket squares too close to the pattern in your tie and shirt. Instead, you want your pocket square to complement whatever you’re wearing. Here are three things to keep in mind when styling with pocket squares.

1. How Many To Carry – The old rule of pocket squares says that a gentleman must carry two; one for the jacket’s breast pocket for looks, and another for the man’s back pocket to use. Now days, many men just carry one for looks because they don’t use it as originally intended: to wipe your hands, face or to blow your nose.

2. Color, Pattern & Coordinating – A pocket square can be a pattern or solid color, and as men are becoming more fashionable, pocket squares are becoming bolder and more colorful. The general rule is that a pocket square should complement some color on the tie. For example, if a tie has a pattern with the color red in it, you should consider a solid red pocket square. However, fashion experts agree you shouldn’t match the colors exactly because it makes you look like you’re trying too hard. Instead, choose a color in the same hue or in a pattern with that color in it. If you’re not sure what to choose, stick with a white pocket square; it can be worn with any color tie, making a white handkerchief an essential part of every man’s collection.

3. The Fold – If you do go with a white pocket square and want to give it that extra oomph, consider how to fold it. Just like tying a tie, there are many methods to fold and present a pocket square. Folding it in different ways can give you a unique style that will set you apart from the crowd.

Whatever style of pocket square you choose to wear, just remember attention to the little details can make you go from an ordinary man in a suit to an extraordinary one.

How do you wear your pocket squares? We want to hear from you!

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A Tie: What It Says About You


Did you know there are 85 different ways to tie a tie?

Do you know what your tie says about you? Are you a standard Windsor knot guy or are bow ties more your speed? Believe it or not, the color you choose to wear and how you choose to tie your tie can speak volumes to the world. The right choice of tie can make or break your overall appearance in the workplace, and many men go to incredible lengths just to get that perfect fit, not to mention the perfect Windsor knot! Here are a few things you should know about your ties and what they say about you.

The Knot

Did you know there are 85 different ways to tie a tie? Most men are actually only familiar with one or two methods. Learn what these four methods say about you.

Windsor Knot – This is the staple knot of the workplace. It is classy, safe and, most importantly, it goes well with most men’s neck length and face structure. The symmetrical knot also gives a sense of power.

Half Windsor knot – This it the junior version of the full Windsor and doesn’t live up to the professionalism of the Windsor. If you want to portray power, go with the full Windsor knot.

Four in Hand Knot – If you have a shorter neck, this could be the knot for you. It’s a narrower kind of style and is the most-used type of knot However, keep in mind that this knot is more casual.

Bow Tie Knot – This is a knot is in a class of its own. It requires more practice and may be foreign to many men because a bow tie is most often worn to formal events; it provides an air of superiority.


What color of tie you wear can also reveal a lot about you. Color is the first thing that others notice and recall. The use of color can be an easy and effective way to convey a message to the world and to create an impression. Here is what these colors say about you.

Red – Known as the power color, you will be viewed as authoritative, determined, a born leader, intelligent, wealthy and powerful.

Blue – It will show you as trustworthy, confident, loyal, mature and honest. If you opt for a light blue color, it will portray you as youthful and a free spirit.

Black – You should wear this color if you want to be perceived as being classy, serious, polished, stylish and dignified.

Brown – This may not be a color you reach for, but you should. It will portray you as approachable, stable and masculine with a humble and patient persona.

Green – People who wear this color tie are perceived as someone who loves a challenge. It implies you are adventurous, a team player and are connected to nature. However, if you reach for a lighter shade of green, it resonates as wealthy and has connotations of energy.

What’s you’re favorite color of tie and what do you think it says about you? Do you stray beyond the classic Windsor knot? Share a picture below!

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Suit Trends Men Should Look Out For

Men’s suit trends, just like women’s fashion, are constantly changing. One season big jacket lapels could be in style, and the next, no collar jackets could be the trend. So what can you expect for the Fall/Winter 2013/14 suit season? Here are a few trends to look out for.


This season retro, sophisticated classics, futuristic styles and even safari and military styles are very on trend.

  1. Long Jackets & Three-Piece Suits – This season retro, sophisticated classics, futuristic styles and even safari and military styles are very on trend.
  2. Accessorize – If you are looking to stand out this season, try taking a look at the small details; pants with low scye and cuffs, belt-cummerbund, zipper and graphic elements.
  3. Belts – Many designers are looking to make statements with belts, especially with military designs. If you’re really looking to mirror men’s fashion run way looks, think about wearing your suit with a belt around the jacket. Not all men can pull this look off, but if you can, you’ll definitely make a bold statement.
  4. Fabrics – As most of us know, suits are traditionally tweed or another type of wool fabric. This season however, designers have expanded their fabric horizon to leather, denim and even velvety textures. These designers don’t stop there; many of this season’s suit jacket lapels are being designed with satin or other fabrics with shine to make them standout.
  5. Color – Black and grey suits are always in style, but now other colors are making waves in the suit world. Designers are looking to chocolate, beige, red, burgundy and emerald colors to be the new standards. They are also using shades of cobalt blue, rust and dark ink colors to make the collar and lapels of jackets standout. One option if you want to be really stylish this season is to pair a bold colored jacket with a neutral pant.
  6. Prints –Designers aren’t stopping at bold colors for suits; they are also experimenting with prints. Checks, strips, graphics and abstract prints are the latest trend this fall/winter season.
  7. Mixing Prints & Materials – One of the hottest suit trends right now is the combination of materials in different textures and colors to create block designs on a suit jacket.

What do you think are some of the most outrages style trends this season? Would you wear a plaid suit? We want to hear from you!

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Watch: How to Pick the Right One

Ask anyone and they will tell you that the single most important accessory for any stylish man is the watch; it’s an investment and an essential piece of a man’s wardrobe. Wearing a nice watch can convey the message of a smart, confident, successful, well put together man. However, how do you pick the right watch for you? Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect watch for your style.


Wearing a nice watch can convey the message of a smart, confident, successful, well put together man.

1. When deciding what kind of timepiece will work for you, take a look at your lifestyle. It is a good idea to have different watches for work and play. When buying a dressier watch, stick to something classic or something that will last a longer period of time than a trendy watch.

2. You should also consider what kind of wrist you have when choosing a watch. In general, men have three types of wrists: hairy, large or thin. This is important to consider when picking out a watch that will suit you.

3. If you have hairy wrists you should avoid timepieces that have a metallic bracelet with links. These can catch and pull your arm hair. Instead, opt for a watch with a leather band such as the Hermés Cape Cod or Anstead Oceanis.

4. If you have large forearms, consider getting a watch with a larger face. Look for something with a diameter of at least 50mm. A timepiece with small or medium faces on large forearms will look out of place and could appear silly. Your watch should stand out and enhance your look. Esquire Magazine recommends trying the U-Boat U-42 Chrono for your hefty wrist.

5. The last type is a man who has thin or small wrists. Just like men with large forearms, men with a thin or small wrist will look funny wearing a giant faced watch. If you fall into this category, consider going with a timepiece that has a narrower watch face, like the 38.5mm Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Calissique’s.

6. Once you’ve decided on the size of watch for your wrist, it’s time to consider if you want an analog or digital timepiece. While digital watches are easy to read, many feel analog watches are classier and give you a more formal look.

7. Finally, and some may say this is the most important part of choosing a watch, choose what kind of mechanics you want in a timepiece. Do you want a battery operated watch, a quarts watch or a mechanical watch?

Digital watches are powered by an ultra-small watch battery and will need changing every few months while quartz watches are analog devices that run on a tiny, vibrating, electrified quartz crystal. These watches keep extremely accurate time (within a minute each year). Mechanical watches (which are some of the most popular watches) are powered by a complex array of gears and springs. These watches can command a hefty price as a result of their superior craftsmanship. The downside to these timepieces is they lose about an hour a year and must be wound regularly.

In the end, it’s really about your preference, but these are all important things to consider when adding a new watch to your collection.

Have you bought a new watch recently? How did you pick it? We would love to see a photo! Share in the comments below.

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Fashion Tips for Men

Fashion and style have always been associated with women, but now it’s becoming more common for the average man to be fashion conscious, too. Men are changing their attitude toward their clothing choices and it shows; many men are now swapping out their basketball shorts and t-shirts for khakis and bow ties. There will always be a time and place for casual attire, however, it’s no longer appropriate for every circumstance. It’s important for men to look great for every occasion and the best way of doing that is to develop their own style. Here are a few tips to help him create a fashionable style.


If you want a flashy look think simple but stylish.

1. Listen To The Experts – If you’re having trouble figuring out your style, a good place to start is to take advice from the experts. Too many men rely on their mothers, girlfriends or wives to tell them what looks good, leaving them with no sense of style on their own. Instead, men end up adopting the style their significant other or family member wants them to have. In order to really develop your own look, listen to the experts. Pick up a copy of a men’s fashion magazine like GQ or check out a blog such as for ideas and tips. After reading a few articles and checking out the photos you’ll be able to see which looks you may want to try out.

2. Keep It Simple – You want a wardrobe that looks great on you but isn’t over done. Don’t dress like a rock star just because that’s what’s trending at the moment. If you want the flashy look, think simpler but stylish. Try sporting a black striped dress shirt with a white blazer, dark jeans, a unique belt and a pair of stylish shoes. Also, don’t overdo it with jewelry or accessories. Remember less is more; try a flashy watch but nothing else.

3. Simple Doesn’t Mean Boring – There’s a reason black and white paired together is classic; they are simple colors but they make a perfect contrast to each other. Try combining the two with a few textures to liven it up. Consider pairing a white shirt, black tie, tweed hunting jacket and jeans together for a casual look.

4. Mix It Up – One of the things that make iconic fashion designer Ralph Lauren’s style classic yet modern is his ability to mix and match patterns and textures. Don’t be afraid to play with your style. Try pairing a check vest with a stripped dress shirt and even add an animal tie. Just be sure you’re using colors that mesh well together.

5. Don’t Shop Alone – We all know women love to shop in groups; it gives them time to bond and help each other pick out the “right” outfit. Men, however, tend to shop alone. Shopping by yourself could put you at a disadvantage because, while it may seem easier, shopping alone as a man makes you a prime target for a sales people. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they really feel an outfit suits you or if they’re just saying that to get you to buy the piece so they can make a good commission.

Finally, the best way to find your own fashion style is to experiment with clothes. You need to think outside of your comfort zone and try different types of outfits on to see what might look good on you. So many men are afraid to express themselves through fashion and it holds them back. The truth is once you start trying on different options, you’ll see it’s not only fun, but it could attract that special girl you’ve had your eye on!

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