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A Tie: What It Says About You


Did you know there are 85 different ways to tie a tie?

Do you know what your tie says about you? Are you a standard Windsor knot guy or are bow ties more your speed? Believe it or not, the color you choose to wear and how you choose to tie your tie can speak volumes to the world. The right choice of tie can make or break your overall appearance in the workplace, and many men go to incredible lengths just to get that perfect fit, not to mention the perfect Windsor knot! Here are a few things you should know about your ties and what they say about you.

The Knot

Did you know there are 85 different ways to tie a tie? Most men are actually only familiar with one or two methods. Learn what these four methods say about you.

Windsor Knot – This is the staple knot of the workplace. It is classy, safe and, most importantly, it goes well with most men’s neck length and face structure. The symmetrical knot also gives a sense of power.

Half Windsor knot – This it the junior version of the full Windsor and doesn’t live up to the professionalism of the Windsor. If you want to portray power, go with the full Windsor knot.

Four in Hand Knot – If you have a shorter neck, this could be the knot for you. It’s a narrower kind of style and is the most-used type of knot However, keep in mind that this knot is more casual.

Bow Tie Knot – This is a knot is in a class of its own. It requires more practice and may be foreign to many men because a bow tie is most often worn to formal events; it provides an air of superiority.


What color of tie you wear can also reveal a lot about you. Color is the first thing that others notice and recall. The use of color can be an easy and effective way to convey a message to the world and to create an impression. Here is what these colors say about you.

Red – Known as the power color, you will be viewed as authoritative, determined, a born leader, intelligent, wealthy and powerful.

Blue – It will show you as trustworthy, confident, loyal, mature and honest. If you opt for a light blue color, it will portray you as youthful and a free spirit.

Black – You should wear this color if you want to be perceived as being classy, serious, polished, stylish and dignified.

Brown – This may not be a color you reach for, but you should. It will portray you as approachable, stable and masculine with a humble and patient persona.

Green – People who wear this color tie are perceived as someone who loves a challenge. It implies you are adventurous, a team player and are connected to nature. However, if you reach for a lighter shade of green, it resonates as wealthy and has connotations of energy.

What’s you’re favorite color of tie and what do you think it says about you? Do you stray beyond the classic Windsor knot? Share a picture below!

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