Formal Wear: Choosing The Right Suit Color Part 1


As the old saying goes, “You only have one chance to make a good first impression.” So it’s important when you’re picking a suit that you take every factor into consideration, including formal wear, casual wear and color.

The first thing anyone notices about a man’s suit is the color, and believe it or not, all colors are not created equal. There are certain colors that portray formal wear and are appropriate for a single event, while other colors portray casual wear and can be suitable for any occasion. Did you know that most men choose a suit color based off of two factors alone? That’s right! Most men choose a suit based on whether the salesperson says the color looks good on them, or they can’t find anything wrong with the suit itself. The problem with choosing a suit this way is that most men do not know what colors compliment their complexion, so instead, they choose a color that fits in with everyone else.

Here are a few guidelines to follow when choosing the right colored suit for you.

  • Know what is appropriate for the occasion. Whether you are trying to go for formal wear or casual wear, the color of your suit is important. Make sure you are matching the color to the type of event.
  • Know what colors highlight your hair, eyes and skin tones. This may seem a little feminine to many men, but knowing what colors look good on you will actually make you look better in the long run.
  • Try on the suit both in fluorescent and natural light. This can help you decide if the suit color is appropriate for the occasion you’re planning to wear it to.
  • When a suit must serve multiple purposes, choose a conservative color like charcoal gray or black and vary your look with appropriate ties. Remember, adding a tie to a suit is your chance to bring in a spot of color, flash and personality.

The most important thing to remember is that the man should wear the suit, not the other way around. In our next post we will discuss the four most common suit colors and what they say about your personality.

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Photo Credit: Robert Sheie