Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. How do I operate CLEVERFIT?

CLEVERFIT is a special product with a simple yet unique method of operation.  Please refer to our “HelpfulTips” section or watch the
1 minute “How To” video for easy to follow instructions.
Note:  The key to proper operation is keeping your thumb on the precut arrow pattern when extending or retracting.

    1. What material is CLEVERFIT made from?

CLEVERFIT is crafted from highly polished stainless steel. The edge profile is ultra thin, less than that of most coins, but extremely strong.  CLEVERFIT’s patent pending design will provide years of reliable sizing and withstand the most challenging environments, even accidental washes in your clothes machine.

    1. What are the CLEVERFIT primary product dimensions?

CLEVERFIT has a broad sizing range with multiple adjustment settings from approx. 2.15″ out to 3.50″ at full extension.  The width is approximately .31 inches.

    1. What is the feedback on CLEVERFIT and airport metal detectors?

In our research, TSA (US Transportation & Safety Administration) indicated that their should not be any issues as they see millions of people wearing standard fixed length metal collar stays, cufflinks and other wardrobe accessories each year.  They did however mention that with the heightened security measures it is possible for different airports to have different sensitivity settings.

    1. Why do my CLEVERFITs feel snug when first operating them?

CLEVERFIT has been manufactured using near zero tolerances to ensure a lifetime of accurate sizing.  It is normal for one or all of your stays to feel a little snug initially.  They will quickly reach the optimum performance zone by the 10th or 15th open/close cycle.  Please allow this to happen naturally. No need to cycle them several times, unless you love the clicking sounds as much as we do 😉

    1. Do CLEVERFITs work with neodymium magnets?

CLEVERFIT has very low magnetic properties.  They will not work well with neodymium magnets.  CLEVERFITs amazing advantages lie in the unique and time saving adjustability mechanism.

Exchanges, Returns and Order Related Questions

We hope you will love your CLEVERFITs as much as we do.  But if a situation arises when you need assistance with an exchange, return or have an order related question, please contact us.

Note: Returns must be in “like new” or resellable condition, enclosed in original packaging and return requests must be received within 30 calendar days of the purchase date.  All returns must have an assigned RMA number and return postage is the responsibility of the buyer.  Once received, your return will be processed and you will be notified of the status.

Shipping Information

Free Worldwide Shipping promotions will be mailed using USPS or equivalent shipping method of our choice.  Tracking is available for US and Canada but not for other international destinations.  Optional shipping methods are available via UPS.