Inventing and developing The CLEVERFIT Adjustable Collar Stay was one of the most amazing and challenging journeys of my life. As an engineer and entrepreneur, I’ve always dreamed of creating innovative ideas that help simplify everyday tasks, save us time and make our experiences more rewarding.

For me, the CLEVERFIT “Aha Moment” happened on an early morning several years ago, when reaching for my stack of assorted fixed size stays, I inadvertently scattered them on the closet floor. While crawling around collecting them, I thought, “Wow there has to be a better way to get a proper looking shirt collar, than wasting time searching through this cluttered pile of inferior tiny plastic strips everyday.”

That moment of frustration triggered memories of when I had to improvise on a business trip (using a small cardboard cutout) to replace a broken stay. And a number of other occasions when my collar stay choices were either slightly warped or missized and by mid day, my shirt collar looked odd or just plain sloppy.

Inspired and motivated, I decided to invent a better solution to these collar stay problems. My vision for this product was clear: It must be easy to use, time-saving and dependable; but more importantly, it must enhance and maintain a well-structured, attractive collar appearance.

After a few years of dedicated effort, multiple prototypes, dozens of sleepless nights and an unwavering commitment to quality, The CLEVERFIT Adjustable Collar Stay became a reality.