Formal Wear: Choosing The Right Suit Color Part 2


In our last post we discussed some guidelines to choosing the right suit colors for you. In this article we discuss the four most common suit colors. Color preference when it comes to suits is an acquired skill. Maybe your grandfather or dad taught you a thing or two on which color suits goes best with a certain skin and hair color or what works best for a certain event. But there are some common factors you should take into account when choosing your suit color. 

The 4 Most Common Suit Colors

1.    Navy Blue Suit – A navy blue suit conveys a message of importance and confidence. Men who wear a navy blue suit are perceived as trustworthy, loyal, business-like, intelligent, stable and conventional. A good tip for those with very light complexions is to stay away from pairing a navy blue suit with a white or ice blue shirt; it will drain the color from your face. Instead, it’s a good idea to pair navy blue suit with rich colored shirts. Also, if you’re just out of college, experts say to stay away from navy altogether. That’s because it has a habit of accentuating youth and you don’t want to come off too young at a serious business meeting.

2.   Black Suit – A black suit should be a staple in any man’s wardrobe. It gives off a sense of authority and it’s similarity to formal wear gives the black suit more flexibility to go from the office to a night on the town. The black suit also gives men of any complexion a slimming effect and, depending on the dress shirt, can go from regular office wear to evening drinks with friends.

3.   Charcoal Gray Suit – A charcoal grey suit is sophisticated and imparts maturity and practicality to its wearer. It’s a great color for the young man unlike navy, because it doesn’t accentuate youth. It’s also extremely versatile and has the unique ability to be paired with either black or brown elements depending on the shade of gray.

4.   Brown Suit– A brown suit gives the impression that the wearer is down-to-earth and sympathetic. It’s a great color to wear if you’re trying to build a rapport with people. Many men also look their best in earth tones and the color is also popular to wear at casual occasions. Just keep in mind that brown isn’t the best color to wear to a business meeting.

Finally, while times have changed and gentlemen are wearing a variety of colored suits to different occasions, it is a good idea to keep these tips in mind.

What was the color of the first suit you ever bought and why did you choose it? We’d love to hear from you!

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Photo Credit: Robert Sheie