Men’s Fashion Mistakes: Summer

When it comes to men’s fashion, usually the first thing that comes to mind is suits. While we thoroughly support an ample supply of crisp suits that you can put on at a moment’s notice, the summer weather begs to show a little skin and sport a casual, fun style. While the trends throughout the decades have certainly had their shining moments, the summer of 2014 for men’s fashion is doing away with popular fashion mistakes for good.


Are you making these epic fashion blunders?

5 Men’s Fashion Mistakes Not to Make This Summer 

1. Cargo Shorts

Popular in the 90s, the cargo shorts could fit anything from your Walkman to a small child. This unfortunate article of clothing does absolutely nothing for your body as they fit poorly and the big pockets cause extreme sagging. Trade in the cargo shorts for a slim-fitting pair that fits more like your favorite pair of jeans. Shoot for a straight line from hip to hem that come down to about an inch or two above the knee. 

2. Socks with Shoes 

Any other time of the year, socks are necessary. But your feet have been bundled up all year and are dying for the chance to be free. This summer, sport a no-socks look with sandals, boat shoes or drivers. This gives a very casual look. If you’re still skeptical, throw on a pair of knot socks, a no-show alternative.

3. Strong Fragrances 

While the winter may call for a woodsy musk against a warm fire and inside event, the same fragrance is exhausting mixed with fresh summer air and natural sweat. Use a light aftershave in the summer to smell fresh, but avoid the dousing that lingers long after you’ve left a room.

4. Going Bare-Chested 

If you’re not swimming or sunbathing on a beach, there is simply no reason why you shouldn’t have a shirt on. Thankfully, men’s fashion has gotten quite creative these past few years and there are extremely light shirts that are perfect for scorching weather. It’s easy to look extremely well dressed in a tailored shirt and a great pair of shorts.

5. Flip Flops

Now this one is tricky. It’s summer, and flip-flops are the go-to shoe for the weather. While it’s perfect for jumping on a boat or wandering around the beach, toss them aside when attending a summer event such as a wedding or semi-formal get together. Throw on a pair of sandals that avoid the in-between-toe look for a put together and sophisticated look even on the hottest of days.

Can you think of any other men’s fashion summer blunders one should avoid?

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons